Busan from the sea

South Korea is a unique and charming destination, blending modernization and ancestral traditions, visible in its everyday life while traveling in the country. For example, it is possible to visit one of the highest buildings in the world before heading to a secluded mountain with tranquil and mystic temples that are scattered around.


Busan, the 2nd largest city, is nestled between the sea and mountains. This lively city has everything to offer in comparison with its capital, Seoul: its multicultural, warm welcoming of the people, location and serene climate make Busan a desirable coastal destination for couples, families, group of friends and any traveler!


 As a specialist of tailor-made journeys, Phoenix Voyages proposes a wonderful experience: a private trip on a luxurious catamaran or yacht on Busan Bay to fully appreciate the captivating beauty of the city’s skyline from the sea while enjoying this moment with your loved ones. Is there any better way to escape the city’s hustle and bustle than breathing the fresh sea breeze?

To perfectly meet your expectations, we offer countless options to make your holiday unique. Depending on your needs, you will enjoy either a refreshing sunset cocktail with picturesque view of Busan’s skyline, a lunch or dinner barbecue party onboard to celebrate a special occasion with friends or family, or a romantic and delicious catered  dinner with your soul mate. The most attentive and friendly boat attendants will definitely make your journey a pleasant and memorable one. We are able to arrange for you any special requirements such as the size of the boat, food and drinks onboard, music and much more.


Let yourself be tempted by the comfort of a beautiful catamaran or yacht through a cruise on the East Sea and discover Busan from another perspective with Phoenix Voyages.