Unusual Dining Experiences in Seoul

The love affair with cuisine in Korea has gripped the world – and nowhere else more so than in Seoul.

It’s suddenly trendy to be a foodie in Korea and they do it with style, passion and extravagance. Being a city of 20 million people, it’s no surprise that restaurants and cafés in South Korea’s capital city need to come up with quirky concepts to stand out from the crowd and attract customers.

As specialists of tailor-made and original experiences, Phoenix Voyages invite you to discover 3 hidden jewels of Seoul’s gourmet scenes!


When the cinema and gastronomy are made one

Here is a getaway that will delight the movie lovers, as well as the fine gourmets!

We combine culinary and visual experience by offering you to taste the finest dishes, prepared by the most renowned Chefs of the Korean capital, while enjoying a movie in the cozy comfort of oversized sofas.

Take the leap and try the Phoenix Voyages experience!  


Dinner in the dark 

Attached to Seoul’s number one escape room “The Vault” at Le Noir Restaurant, you will find one of the most iconic dining experiences: dinner in the dark.

At Le Noir Restaurant, you need to trust your remaining four senses while exploring the restaurant’s delicious menu in complete darkness. You will not only find things like refreshing salads, delicious pasta dishes and juicy steaks, but also typical Korean food.

Come and try something new and head with us to this unique place in Hongdae.


Step in the deep heart of Korea

Try the finest dishes which are a reminiscent of Korea's Royal cuisine using the very same recipes, passed down through the palace kitchens and aristocratic households.

We invite you to a restaurant with Chefs incorporating the most refined ingredients available each season, and preparing all the sauces and seasonings by hand. Although the set menus vary, each course is seemingly fit for a King or Queen.

We invite you to dream and awaken your senses, whether it’s the taste, smell or sight. If the exquisite and perfumed dishes will stimulate the first two senses, the guests will also be amazed by the relaxing atmosphere of the restaurant, designed according to traditional Korean architecture, at the foot of a quiet and luxuriant hill.