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At Phoenix Voyages, we are continuing our crusade through this spatiotemporal rift to tell you about our remarkable stays to offer your clients in the near future. Here is our latest news on the current situation of our destinations.


The 2nd episode of local contamination that appeared on July 28th after 99 days without local contamination or death is declining.
As in the first phase, the Vietnamese government is taking rapid and effective measures to contain the contagion by tracing, testing and isolating people who are positive or likely to be positive.
Danang, Hoi An and Dong Nai are in containment. The rest of the country is gradually lifting restrictions on assembly but still encourages the wearing of masks in public places.
A management model for the world, Vietnam has once again put everything at stake to contain this new episode thanks to the support of the population.

The borders are still closed to non-nationals except for holders of high-skilled work permits. Any person (nationals and non-nationals) arriving from abroad must stay in quarantine for 15 days in dedicated centres.

Thus specially chartered flights can land in Vietnam. From Vietnam, some flights are again authorized to Europe.
Domestic flights and domestic tourism have resumed. Several hotels have reopened for domestic demand.
All shops are allowed.

Tourist sites are open.

 (134 active cases) September, 10


From October, foreign tourists will be able to visit Phuket Island, but only if they plan a stay of at least one month, the first 14 days of which must be spent in quarantine within a limited area of their hotel and its immediate vicinity.

International flights have resumed to Thailand since 1 July 2020 but only for certain passengers (work permit or residence card holders, spouses/parents/children of nationals and highly qualified Business Visa holders, diplomats...). The flight ban for all other passengers is currently in effect until September 31.

Conditions before departure:
- Health certificate issued by a laboratory within 72 hours before takeoff.
- Health insurance covering an amount of at least 100,000 USD.

Conditions upon arrival:
- Screening by the authorities, form to fill in, and mobile application to download.
All travelers who pass the initial screening for fever must comply to the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine at their respective hotels/accommodations/or in the state quarantine zone prepared by the Thai government.

The situation in Thailand has returned to near-normal: restaurants and other entertainment venues, gardens, museums, historical sites and art galleries have reopened with social distancing measures. Public transport has returned to normal.

Domestic flights have been allowed to resume.
Airport & hotels have reopened on the 15th of June for domestic demand.

(86 active cases  September, 10


Cambodia has spent more than 100 days without local contamination.

Since the 20th of May, the government has announced the lifting of travel restrictions for foreigners from Iran, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the United States.  However, the arrival measures remain very strict for the time being. 

All foreigners are required to present a passport upon entry into the country, as well as the following:

- A health certificate recognized by their country of departure. As well as being tested negative of COVID--19 made within 72 hours before their departure.
- A health insurance of at least US$ 50,000 coverage for foreigners (except for diplomats). 
- a deposit of $3,000

A mandatory quarantine for 14 days upon arrival is required at home or a designated facility at the travelers’ own expenses (if tested positive on the plane).

To find out more about the conditions of entry into Cambodia: click here

There are no visa exemptions, no visa on arrivals, and no e-Visas (electronic tourist visa).

Domestic flights have resumed between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

There has been no imposed confinement but social distancing has been respected in Cambodia. Businesses were allowed to open. Museums and tourist sites are also open. The temples of Angkor have remained open and authorized to be visited by locals.

(1 active  case - no fatalities - more than 100 days without local contamination) - One of the least affected countries in the world -  September, 10


Since the 18th of May, Laos has been gradually relaxing restrictions on activities and gatherings, although imposed strict rules is respected. Tourist sites have started to reopen, as have night markets, while some hotels and restaurants are still closed.

Domestic flights have resumed and interprovincial travel by bus or boat is now permitted as well.

Borders are still closed to non-nationals.

There is still a ban on all international flights to Laos.

(1 active case - no death) - One of the least affected countries in the world  September, 10


Borders closed to non-nationals. Ban on all international flights to Myanmar extended until October. 

No issuance of tourist visas.

In Rangoon, seven districts are now concerned by a "stay at home notice". Only people going to work are allowed to move around. One person per household can go shopping. A curfew is in effect from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. for these neighbourhoods and from midnight to 4 a.m. for other neighbourhoods in Rangoon and Myanmar. The authorities have stepped up their monitoring of compliance with these measures. Arakan State has also confined its population for 2 months since 20 August.

Gatherings in public places, which include business meetings, should not exceed five people except for sports gatherings with a maximum of 15 people.

Domestic flights have started to slowly resume from May. Around 600 hotels were able to reopen for domestic demand - particularly for business traveller.

Tourist sites are closed.

(1,442 active cases)  September, 10 


Some international flights have been allowed to reopen.  Stopovers are allowed in Seoul as well.

All passengers entering Korea on short-term visits will be quarantined at designated facilities (at their expense). Also, they must have a telephone and government applications.

There is no visa exemption.

Domestic flights have been allowed to resume.

There are still a few outbreaks of infection, but have been contained due to Korea’s strict principle of tracing cases and their associates.  Social distancing has been lifted as well, although Koreans remain very respectful of the rules imposed.

Major tourist sites have been allowed to reopen to locals.

(4037 active) -  September, 10


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